Some Petty was founded in the summer of 2017, only months before the unfortunate and untimely death of one of the world’s most influential musicians, Tom Petty.

Growing up with Tom Petty´s music for decades, singer and fan Tom Veldhuizen gathered the best musicians around to recreate the sound and the show of the band that sold over 80 million records with over two dozen of hit singles!

Some Petty delivers the most wonderful live experience during an energetic show packed with the hits of the past four decades. The show features classics like Refugee, Learning to fly, a Face in the crowd, Mary Jane´s Last dance, Free Falling and many more. The dedication and respect that is put into the live recreation of the songs will astound you.

Some Petty is:

Tom Veldhuizen (Bambooze, Choice of Weapon) vocals and guitars

Serge Naberman (Najib Amhali, Rebelstar) guitars and vocals

Bart ‘Dus’ Pellinkhof (Miracle, Rebelstar) bass

Noël van Eersel (Lovell’s Blade, Maggie & the Jar) drums and vocals

Paul Jonker (The Tibbs) keyboards, Hammond and guitars

Maggie de Bruin (Maggie & the Jar) backing vocals and percussion

Hope to see you soon!


Email: info@somepetty.nl

Phone: +31652496612

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